Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Fun!

Okay, so I first want to apologize... I know that I have been slacKING! (BIG TIME)!! I only wish for more hours in the day (don't we all?!). I have been busy, busy, busy working (I'm working tonight, too) and by the time I come home, I am completely exhausted. So, I have vowed (to myself) that I will (try) to update the blog more often! Fair enough? =)

As most of you know, FALL is my favorite time of the year for many reasons!! The weather has been superb here (minus the rain)! I am completely excited! I can finally get out to my flower bed, walk the dogs, sit on the porch knowing that I will not be in sweltering heat! In order to prepare for the fall season, my good friend (and neighbor) and I decided to be crafty!! I love being crafty without a plan! All we decided was that we were going to make wreaths for our front door. Off to Michael's we went for a little shopping spree. I think I could spend ALL day there just coming up with creative and fun projects. I definitely bought waaaayy to many items for one project! This is such an easy project---all it requires is a little time, a grapevine wreath, ribbon, and flowers (maybe a few accenting pieces). This is what we made:

Mrs. J has already put her wreath on the door!

I, on the other hand, have not put my wreath on the front door yet (I need to--it's on my "to do" list for today)!

Toodle-oo! =)


Jules said...

Fall is my favorite season too and the wreaths look great :)

Michelle said...

Fun! I love this time of the year, too.

I made a wreath for my front door years ago out of some fall colored berry's a little beat up but I get it out every year. It might be time for me to make a new one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The wreaths are nice....I need a new fall wreath too, so maybe I will have a crafty weekend!!!