Sunday, August 9, 2009

This One is For YOU, Kristen!

Several nights ago I got together with some fantastic nursing school friends for dinner and drinks. And no matter how hard we try not to talk about it, nursing inevitably enters our conversation. You know, as nurses we sit around the dinner table and talk about anything and everything vulgar. Frankly, some of the stories we share might make others vomit in their mouth. Oh, NO, not us nurses! We will talk about anything, anytime, anywhere! =) As expected, during dinner our conversation drifted towards nursing. This particular conversation is one that I don't mind posting...For those with a weak stomach--you CAN continue reading.

Two of my girlfriends work in two different ER's. You can imagine the stories they have to to share! Generally speaking, the ER performs many pregnancy tests. Seriously? Why go to the ER to get a pregnancy test!?! I can guarantee that it's the most expensive pregnancy test out there! I suggested why don't people go to the health department, or buy the $7 store name brand package with 2 pregnancy tests?! My friend, Kristen had an even better idea. The DOLLAR STORE has pregnancy tests! That totally took me by surprise! I was shocked to find out, I had no idea. Not that I didn't believe Kristen, but I just had to see this for myself.

The next day, I found myself really wanting to scope out the pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store. I just had to investigate further. So, I drove to the Dollar Store. I walked up and down every aisle--they have everything you could possibly want for any occasion. The noteworthy items--glycerin suppositories (for those with constipation--if you look at the pics hard enough you will see that the glycerin suppositories were placed right next to the pregnancy tests), Christmas wreaths with plastic red peppers glued to them (for those who get started early on their Christmas shopping), and wedding cake toppers (wow-I should have taken a picture of that). Attached you will see that the Dollar Store offers two choices for home pregnancy tests (sorry for the un-clearness, I took the pics with my phone).
So, that's it! Ladies and Gents, the deal of the day (everyday): a pregnancy test for exactly $1! Perhaps we are on a road to keeping those who ONLY need pregnancy tests out of the ER (and driving up healthcare costs, and spending taxpayers dollars). After all, everyone can scrounge up enough change for a $1, right?!
Hope this makes you giggle a little bit, as it did for me!
Toodle-oo! =)

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