Thursday, August 13, 2009

Princess Ellie

Ellie does not quite have an adoption story like Murray! She has plenty of stories to share since we have had her though! Just as the last post, this post is dedicated to my furry family!

This is her story: Once we bought our house, Hubby and I decided (mostly I) we could look for a new dog/puppy. I started researching dog breeds--I've only met a handful of weimi's in my life. All the ones that I have met were gorgeous with their big floppy ears, and blue/green/yellow eyes. I knew that I would rather rescue a dog rather than pay a breeder loads of money. I had to convince Hubby how wonderful it would be to have a weimi. And so I must have accomplished the task because Hubby, myself, and Murray loaded up the car and drove to a town right outside of D.C. We brought Murray along to pick out his new sister. It's not very often that rescue shelters get puppies, but we certainly lucked out. She was precious, wearing a tiny purple collar, 8 weeks old, Murray could not stop sniffing her. She's the one! I should have known what a handful she was going to be--she tried to bite my fingers the entire trip home.

Once we were home, it took several months to get her adjusted to our daily routine! In the beginning she was not potty trained, she chewed everything her puppy teeth could get a hold of, she whimpered the entire time she was in her crate, she did not sleep through the night (is this what having an infant is like?!). I could not leave her in her crate. Look at those beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes and expressions are very convincing, and that is why she has become known as the princess.

As time has passed she has grown into her body (I still do not think she realizes how big she is now that she is 2). She is the absolute picture of a weimaraner! She is rambunctious, yet amazingly loyal. She is loving, daring, hyper, cuddly, warm, fuzzy, cute, smart, etc., etc. We have our days when she regresses back to her puppy ways. I can only imagine how many things that she has ruined. What is for certain though is that she is our princess, and does a fantastic job of acting the part!

Likes: long walks, chasing ducks/geese, treats, being curled up on the couch, annoying Murray, riding in the car with her head hanging out of the sunroof, scraps, chew bones, tug-o-war, getting her ears rubbed, demolishing any toy that claims to be unbreakable, amongst a million other things...

Dislikes: When the door bell rings, getting her nails clipped, being without Murray.
There you have it--our two pups! They are such great companions! I would recommend to anyone who does not have a dog and wants one, GET ONE! =)
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Toodle-oo! =)

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