Friday, August 14, 2009

My VERY FIRST Giveaway!

Murray and Ellie sporting their CUTE collars!

Here it is y'all! Prep-E girl is graciously allowing me to promote her support for Puppies Behind Bars by giving away one of her Puppy Love collars! Are you as excited as I am?

Prep-E girl is on a mission! She wants to raise enough money to sponsor a puppy for the Puppies Behind Bars program. How much money? She is looking to raise $3000 for the cause! Let's come together for such a great cause and help her successfully reach her goal! 100% of her proceeds goes towards the Puppies Behind Bars Program.

Exactly what is the program?
The pups live in the prison for 16 months. The dogs are trained to be service dogs or explosive detection canines. The puppies spend their lives in such an extraordinary environment! The lives of the prisoners are changed dramatically-The dogs serve as companions to those who have committed serious crimes. The prisoners are given a "second" chance to positively contribute to society!

The mission: Saving lives one dog at a time!

The prize: One Collar of YOUR choice!

How to win:
Become a follower of MY blog (1 entry)
Become a follower of Prep-E Girl's blog (1 entry)
Buy a Puppy Love Collar (10 entries)
Leave a comment on MY blog that tells me what collar you would choose(1 entry)
In your comment on MY blog, please indicate how many entries you will be getting! And please, tell all of your friends! You will have until August 20th to enter! Come back on August 21st to see if you have won!
Toodle-oo! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen I love the collars and the cause! i followed u (one entry) I followed prep e girl (1 entry) I would choose the starfish collar (1 entry) so thats 3 total entries! awesome Thanks
Sarah Jordan

Moira said...

Hi Jen! I can finally leave a comment-yay :)

Ok so I am in love with the wall street collar and I followed you so thats 2 entries. I can't wait for August 20th, because I wanna win!!

Rebecca said...

Kyleigh chose the Polka Dot Puppy...she wants to look like her cousin Ellie!
I have 3 entries!

Prep-E Girl said...

Yay! How fabulous! You can let your readers know that I have a LOT more collar styles now that Bark For Life is over - Christmas, Halloween, camouflage, flames, flowers, Breast Cancer awareness, baseball, fishing, bandanna, and oh so many more that I just cannot remember right off hand!




Anonymous said...

I am trying so hard to win this! lol. Jaz wants a red UGA collar. I think now I will have 13 entries once I email Prep-E Girl with my order