Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hubby

Ladies, you have to hear me out through this post...I know EXACTLY how to make your man happy!
I actually worked with a hammer today (regretfully, I don't have any pictures to prove it). I know, I know, you're thinking about my motto--I'm the project manager, not the worker. Again, hear me out...
Hubby decided that we HAD to re-do the garage. The only time I spend in the garage is getting out of the car and walking inside, I failed to notice that it needed an overhaul. Ever since Hubby has started woodworking (the first project was the dresser/changing table ((picture attached)) him and one of his best buds built for the soon to arrive twins) , he has become uncontrollable about starting new projects. Don't get me wrong, I love that he has a hobby (it allows me more shopping time when he is working on his projects)! The number of projects is what is getting out of control! He wants to build a bookcase, a new scrapbooking/project desk for me (I cannot complain), entertainment center, and NOW--the garage.

Today Hubby decided that he wanted to get started tearing down the garage. We had a work-bench and shelves already, I could not understand why he wanted to tear down something that was perfectly functional. I was thinking he wanted to do something organizational (he will tell you that I am the queen of organization). I was absolutely WRONG! So, he drew out blueprints for me and showed me some pictures from his woodworking magazines. I was quite impressed (he never ceases to amaze me--that is why I love him)! I am actually looking forward to this new garage project (oh my! when he reads this, he is going to say "I told you so")! Of course, I made some project manager requests (more like demands)---He (somehow I think I will get suckered into this) will be re-painting the garage before any new work bench or shelves are made.

In order to help him get through the demolition (that's the best part) stage, I decided I would help him out by pulling nails out of the old 2 x 4s that he may re-use. WOW! What a blast! I had fun hammering and pulling nails out of the wood (I can't believe I am saying this). Ask me about it tomorrow and I may not tell you the same story--I'm probably going to be sore because I do not think that I have ever hammered before in my life.

The most fulfilling part of the day was all the compliments he was giving me. I think I received more compliments hammering than if I was prancing around the house in some sexy, Vicky's secret lingerie. So, I guess I've figured out another mystery to the male species, ladies! Proverb of the day: Have hammer in hand, Hubby will be happy!

I have added some pictures so you can see post demolition. Stay tuned for the finished project!

Toodle-oo! =)


kelleymorgan said...

Love it... can't wait to see the end result... so.. am I going to see you two on the DIY network soon?

JenniferMarie412 said...

Girl don't I know about being forced to do "man" things right now!!! Good luck! And if you feel like helping me out with my house while Tony is gone, let me know!!!

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